Can You Wash Honeywell Air Purifier Filters?

As a precaution, keep bleach, detergent, soap and water away from permanent filters. Washable filters, on the other hand, can be cleaned with warm tap water. The True HEPA filter included in Honeywell allergen removers can be washed, but you must first check if it is washable. To clean it, simply rinse it with cold water and avoid touching the filter material.

Once done, hang it outside to dry before reinstalling it. It is important to clean the purifier filter every few months for it to work properly. To do this, open the cover and remove the pre-filter. If there are still traces of dirt stuck on the screen, immerse it in warm water and rub it lightly with your hands.

After that, take it outside to hang it and wait until it's completely dry before putting it back on the device. When not in use for more than a month, you must remove the HEPA filter and store it. This will help maintain its efficiency in removing up to 99.97% of common household particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from the air. Honeywell air purifiers come with a true permanent HEPA filter, an Intelli-Check monitoring system and patented SurroundSeal technology.

All Honeywell air purifiers also come with a five-year limited warranty that covers repairs or replacement of the unit if it has defects in material or workmanship within five years from the date of purchase of the air purifier. To activate the warranty, users must fill out and return the warranty card that comes with the air purifier within ten days of purchase. Additionally, make sure to place the air purifier in a space that is within its specified coverage area for optimal performance.

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