Can You Use a 20x25x4 Filter Instead of a 20x25x5 Filter?

Indoor air is up to five times more polluted and harmful than outdoor air, and the U. S. EPA recognizes it as one of the five major health risks. To reduce the risk of poor indoor air quality, many homeowners use 20x25x5 air filters to clean the air in their homes.

But can you use a 20x25x4 filter instead? The answer is yes, you can use a 4-inch filter instead of a 5-inch filter. However, it's important to note that the combination of a thin air filter with a high MERV rate can restrict airflow to the point of hampering efficiency and causing excessive wear and tear. Therefore, it's best to use a 1-inch thick filter in compartments that can accommodate a deeper filter. Any air filter rated higher than 13 will restrict air flow to the point of damaging the air conditioning system, so it's important to find the right air filters for your home.

Air conditioning specialists have also found that thicker filters are better at providing a perfect fit that doesn't allow unfiltered air to pass through. To help improve indoor air quality and eliminate the stress of 20 x 25 x 5 air filters, reduce the number of sources of indoor air pollutants. A 1-inch filter with less surface space will clog up fairly quickly and will need to be replaced long before a thicker filter. So, if it fits your oven, then a 4-inch air filter is better than a 1-inch air filter for improving air quality.

Cora Koci
Cora Koci

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